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Happy New Year everyone! With a brand new year comes the opportunity to start fresh. Whether we want to trim down and get fit, adopt healthier eating habits, be more centered and peaceful or experience better relationships (with yourself and others), now is the perfect time to take the first step. Here are 8 steps to help us get the year started on the track to attracting what we truly want, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in 2013! Thank you to Dr. Susan Biali M.D. for her ideas and inspiration.

1. Decide what matters most to you. For example, pick four Goals or core values, (e.g. family, spirituality, health, or leaving your legacy) that matter more to you than any others. Then, hold up every opportunity or decision you make against this list. Living on purpose maximizes joy and fulfillment and minimizes stress.

2. Get 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is one of the most powerful (and free!) resources we have to support optimal health. When we skimp on sleep, we age faster, are more likely to gain weight and get sick, have low energy and be more vulnerable to stress. So, hit the pillow and recharge your body, mind and spirit!

3. Reach for a fruit or vegetable every time you eat. Fruits and vegetables are our best defense against aging and chronic disease, yet it can be difficult to get enough servings (nine recommended!) each day. This year, every time you reach for a snack, commit to having at least one vegetable or fruit accompanying it.

4. Take time with your fabulous friends. Did you know that positive, like-minded relationships promote optimal health and longevity? So writes Dr. Biali. Spend a “quantity” of “quality” time with friends that you feel good with and avoid those who drain your energy or stress you out.

5. Just say “no”! Are you over-committed? Do you have all sorts of reasons why you don’t say no, for example, out of guilt or wanting to please others? Make 2013 the year you think twice before saying yes to anything and say no when it doesn’t feel right for you! Free yourself from that frazzled feeling of an over booked schedule, and breathe in the peace! You are living on purpose…your purpose!

6. Supplement your health! Eat the very best way you can to get optimal nutrition, and then supplement to fill any gap you might have. Consider adding an Omega 3 Fish Oil to your regime. The Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology has published an article that says essentially everyone (in their words, “individuals without overt cardiovascular disease”) should get a minimum of 500mg of omega-3 fatty acids every day! And those with cardiovascular disease or known risk of cardiovascular disease should get 1,000mg a day. This amount is also the current recommendation of the American Heart Association.

7. Take special time for yourself.  Treat yourself to a spa appointment, a reflexology or reiki session, or to whatever feels special to you. Indulge yourself and try something new! Take several mini vacations this year (e.g. more weekends away), to keep yourself balanced and energized. Force yourself to take more time for fun and play this year by scheduling it in ahead of time.

8. Commit to your spirit. According to Dr. Biali, a rich spiritual life forms the bedrock of a healthy physical life. Make this the year that your favourite spiritual practices become habits as automatic as brushing your teeth. How might you take your spiritual life to new heights? Try daily meditation, Tai Chi or going on that longed for yoga retreat this year.

Make no compromises! My son and his buddies call their paintball team “Zero Compromise”. This is so apropos for these tips too, wouldn’t you agree? There is no sacrifice required; in fact they’re all about increasing what’s good rather than depriving ourselves in any way. So, zero compromise! Commit to just a few of these tips and have a firm foundation from which to launch this year and the rest of your life!

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May 2013 be our best year ever!




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