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Happy Spring everyone! The end of winter hibernation season marks a time for many of us to let go of the extra pounds that we seem to accumulate in winter. Some of us tend to eat more cooked and comfort foods and less raw fruits and veggies and salads in the winter. It is a natural tendency. Now is the time to change our way of eating again and to shed any winter protection weight that we might have added over the last 4-5 months. I thought that I would summarize some tips to help us balance ourselves at this time of year, and to shed some light on shedding some weight easily and effortlessly.

GRAZING – is a great way to ensure maximum digestion, absorption, circulation and assimilation of nutrients into our bodies. For more detailed information please read my previous blog.  When our digestive system is not over taxed with volume of food and optimally functioning to break down small amounts of food into absorbable nutrients, our bodies achieve the best nutritional assimilation into our cells. The benefit of eating 5 small meals daily (for example, breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner) is that we feel energetic all day long. This is because we are fueled, our blood sugar levels are normal and we are never running on empty. The added benefit is that if we are carrying any extra weight, this as a way to help shed that weight! Our blood sugars will be even, rather than “roller coastering” up and down, leading to fat storage. We’ll feel great all day!

WHAT WE EAT –Whole food! Fruits and veggies, lean meat and fish, whole grains (i.e. no white rice and bread). I am sure we’ve all heard it all before!  It is really simple. Back to the basics! Stay away from processed foods, sugar and sugar laden drinks and eat real food, raw when ever we can!  Harvard School of Public Health’s “Healthy Eating Plate” is a great a great visual reference.

WHAT WE DRINK and HOW MUCH  – Water, ½ an ounce per lb. of body weight (please refer to my previous blog for additional information). This means that if a person weighs 130 lbs, he/she needs 8, 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Add a lemon or lime slice for variety. Drink herbal and green tea, but limit your coffee (a stimulant and diuretic) and alcohol (high in sugar) consumption.

BREAKFAST - It’s true; it is the most important meal of the day! People shed weight just by having breakfast each and every morning. Protein is a must, though. Many of us make the mistake of having only carbohydrates (for example, toast, a bagel or cereal) in the morning. Carbohydrates increase your blood sugar levels and then drop off after a short duration leaving you low in energy. Protein, on the other hand, gives you longer, sustained energy. So make sure you include both for the 1st meal of your day to ensure balanced energy. A protein shake/smoothie can make a big difference. I recommend GNLD’s Nourishake for a great start to the day. Adding antioxidant fruits (frozen berries are great) give it a nice texture and extra nutrition. Nourishake contains both simple and complex carbohydrates, fibre and all 22 amino acids (protein) involved in human nutrition. It is a simple, easy, smart and nutritious way to ensure you are getting the best start to your day. And you are empowering your body to weight manage as well! What a great deal!

EXERCISE - Last, but certainly not least, is moderate exercise Walking is wonderful, especially in the great outdoors at this beautiful time of year! We know it is good for our whole body (our cardiovascular system, joint health, our energy levels and weight management). Just 30 min (even 3 x10 minute intervals) per day can greatly impact our health and well-being.

So, that is the opportunity of Spring, in my estimation. Get back to the basics. Enjoy the weather and outdoor activities and eat smart! It’s a recipe for success!

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Cheers (clink, clink) with my Nourishake to your vibrant health!




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